Daily Colonist 8th Aug 1914 – News

Toronto Civic Employees

TORONTO, Aug. 7.— All civic employees on the regular staff who are joining the Canadian military  forces are to receive full pay while they are on active service. This has been decided on by the Boards of Works and agreed to by the Mayor, subject to the ratification of the Council.

Resigns as German Colonel

LONDON. Aug. 7. — King George has sent his resignation as honorary colonel of the First Prussian Dragoons. Up to the present time the Kaiser has not sent his resignation as honorary-colonel of the Dragoon Guards to the King.


Maharajah of Nepal and Other Independent Princes Ready to Help Great Britain
LONDON, Aug 7th The War Office announces that the Maharajah of Nepal has offered the entire military resources of his independent kingdom to the British Government. Other independent kingdoms are making similar offers. The Maharajah of Nepal is a major in the British army. His regular army numbers 30,000 men, with an auxiliary force of 250 guns. The majority of his troops are of the Gurkha tribe, the most famous soldiers in India.

Transcript of : The Daily Colonist 8th Aug 1914 – Victoria BC

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