20th September 1915: Diary

Link to Scan: e001125619.jpg

Mon., Sep 20, 1915 SHORNCLIFFE

  Orders issued.  General cleaning up of Camp.  Scrubbing tent floors etc.
  Short Route march under Squadron Commanders.  Re-adjusting Kits etc.
6 pm At 6 P.M. 1st Line Transport & Machine Guns moved off & entrained at Shorncliffe Station.
8 pm At 8 P.M. 2-Line Transport, with Headquarters Staff moved off & also entrained at Shorncliffe Station.
  Major R. J Mutrie in Command.  Lieut P.G. Routh. Transport Officer & Lt. Irving Machine Gun Officer.
9 pm First team moved off  9.P.M. en-route to Southampton.
11.35 pm Second team moved off  11.35 P.M. en-route to Southampton.
  No Casualties

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