23rd September 1915: Diary

Thu., Sep 23, 1915 BOULOGNE – BAILLEUL

6.30 am Reveille was sounded at 6.30 am, Rations were drawn for immediate consumption & the hours rations served out.
3.20 pm Men of the Regiment “bathed feet” at the M.O. order & after cleaning up camp etc. paraded at 3.20 P.M. and marched off under the command of Lt. Col C.L. Bott at 3.50 P.M. to Boulogne Railway station.  24 Hours rations, were also put on train by Quartermaster.
11.40 pm The Regiment arrived at Bailleul at 11.40 P.M. and immediately marched to “Grand Plaice” a market square.  We were received by Billetting Officers & Squadrons were posted to various billets, lights were out by 12.30 am.
Officers were billetted at the Hotel du Faucon.
No casualties.
Marching In strength 449 All Ranks.


Grand Place

From the Long Long Trail longlongtrail.co.uk

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