24th September 1915: Diary

Link to Scan: e001125622.jpg

Fri., Sep 24, 1915 Ballieul

6.30 am Reveille was sounded at 6.30. am. when men re-adjusted Kits.  Cleaned up billets & generally rested,
  Rifles were inspected by O.C. Squadron.
3.30 pm Billets were inspected by Lt. Col Bott & Staff at Mid-day & General Wood inspected billets at 3.30 P.M. Extra rations were served out, & men were allowed out on leave from 6 P M until 8 P.M.
8.30 pm Orders were received at 8.30 P.M. that troops may be called out to reinforce troops, in the field. North of the town & preparations were accordingly made.  Kits were considerably lightened & Rifles inspected & piled.
  Guards were placed over Squadron billets. & at Headquarters Lt Col C.L. Bott made a tour of the trenches during the evening.
  Re Kits
General Wood remarked that we were carrying too much Kit

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