2nd October 1915: Diary

Sat., Oct 02, 1915 Neuve Eglise

6 AM Morning clear. Very cold, light frost covering ground
Inspection of Rifles.  Firing up at the lines very desultory
Call from Brigade for Linesmen the 2nd Regt were able to supply five good & experienced men.  these men to be attached to the Signal Staff.
Transport sent to Supply depot for supplies.  Called. “Brigade Supply Depot”, sent today for green mailing envelopes & Service P.C. for Regiment – “B”.
Staff & 11 of the Machine Gun Section warned for the Trenches tonight.
Lecture given to Officers & N.C.Os subject trench fighting given by Major Murray K.C. Horse 1 Calvary Brigade  he made lecture very interesting & dealt with Sanitary Methods How to take over Trenches. Water supply; Direction and length of trench & number of men required to man same.  Importance of marking flanks and why they must not be continued or lengthened. Enemy trenches. his habits & strength. Listening posts.

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