4th October 1915: Diary

Mon., Oct 04, 1915  [Kemmel to Bois Carre]

Raining very hard & camp was a mud hole. the Regt was ordered to move  out at 3.15 Pm & take up position in the 1st Line Trenches a distance of 9 to 10 miles to the firing line.
3.15 PM We marched about 4 miles & halted in a field for about 10 minutes after which made another march of about two miles, halted & here the provision Transport met us & gave out 24 hours rations on the move  again & relieved the West Yorkshire Regt & Lancashire Regt. the last of the Regt taking up position about 3.15 AM. the delay was caused by the men having to be relieved by Sections & Companys.
Midnight Men were very exhausted but took their posts & their new duties in good style. This was the first time the 2nd C.M.R. Regt had the honor and responsibility of a  line of trenches being given over to them.  The Transport left us about a mile  from the Communication Trenches & parked near a place called Dicky Bush [*Dickebusch] & about 200 yards from General Seeleys Headquarters,


*Dikkebus on modern maps

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