8th October 1915: Diary

Link to Scan: e001125632.jpg

Fri., Oct 08, 1915 Ridgewood Farm

  Transport Base still at the Ridgewood Farm, Capt. Starm of Brigade Hdqts came in & gave orders for the Transport. to move at 4 P.M. and take up quarters at Aldershot Camp near Neuve Eglise
  Paymaster received orders to proceed to Dickybusch & guide the Regiment in Orders received from General Seeleys Force that the 2 C.M.R. would be relieved by the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade on the night  8/9th Machine Gun Section to be relieved on the 9th inst after being relieved to proceeding via Dranoutre. Neuve ENglise to Aldershot-huts
  Stations in Trenches  Sections N4. 5. 6. held by Squadron A   Sections 0 1 2. held by two troops C Squadron    Section 0.3.4. held by B Squadron  Support trenches No 1074 held by two troops C Squadron.  Regimental Headquarters at Battle HQ Bois Carre.
  Casualty report  No 107575 Trooper Street wounded in Eye.  Everything very quiet occasional Sniping Ammunition sent up to Trenches

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