16th October 1915: Diary

Link to Scan: e001125635.jpg

Sat., Oct 16, 1915 H.QS Gibraltar Farm

  ‘B’ Squadron made request to come into better billets. the Sanitary conditions being very bad. And. better accommodation was eventually found. and transfer made.  The Regiment received orders from Brigade Headquarters to furnish working party. of 200 men (all ranks) 100 men to report to O.C. Infantry Brigade Hq’s & 100 All ranks to report to Lieut Sweeney.  R. E. for the purpose building up new reserve trenches.  The remainder of the Regiment being employed. Administration Quartermaster department, Shoeing. & general fatigues.
  Billeted as we are it is very difficult to keep up inter communication other than by Signal.  The interim Administration of Squadrons being in the hands of O Cs Squadrons.  It is now finally understood that we are “Corps Troops” & as such liable to be detailed to various duties. as emergency arises & general routine orders.


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