17th October 1915: Diary

Link to Scan: e001125636.jpg

Sun., Oct 17, 1915 Gibraltar Farm

6 am Reveille 6.am. Working parties detailed 16th inst moved off to their respective destinations at 7. a.m.
7 am Health of troops good. particularly considering the foul water & accommodation generally.  We hear that all wounded men are progressing favourably & those men who are reporting sick their cases are of a mild nature.
  The Machine Gun Section are taking advantage of their time. by putting in a great deal of Practice, both by day and night. both with Guns & men.
  The Regiment is and has been rather handicapped, owing to lack of information re explanation re Brigade orders & administration generally.  To a new  unit on Active Service one expects a more thorough understanding re Returns etc then can be given by Signal only.  The Brigade admnstration does not seem able to furnish this assistance to our Regt; the only help is criticism of our best endeavours
  Our men two Squadrons. & Staff had bathing parade & clean underclothing served to the men.  bathing took place at the Asylum. where good accommodation was provided.  Two working parties detailed to work on new trenches one party for day work & the other night. this duty consists of making trenches behind the present first line. also in re building the old communication trench. laying down so called Bath Mats our section of work is in the vicinity of                     .  & parties are making good progress.  Water on the farm still very scarce. but general health good.


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