1st – 17th March 1917: Diary

Link to scan: e001126017.jpg

Thu., Mar 1, 1917 to Sat., Mar 17, 1917      HEAD QRS. RAIMBERT RUE DE BOIS

From March 1st to 17th inclusive the Battalion were stationed in RAIMBERT for the purpose of training under the new re-organization and each day was devoted to the various movements and instructions in accordance with the “Syllabus of training” issued daily by the O. C. 2nd C. M. R. Battalion.
The Battalion carried out Assault Practices and raids at the taped trenches, and each week took part in the Brigade attacks etc.
Every advantage was taken for the instruction in Lewis Gunnery – Bombing – Bayonet fighting – Clearing Trenches and Rifle Grenade practice and much time was devoted to lectures and Map Reading Classes for N.C.O’s.
Throughout the whole period of training the Officers, N.C.O’s and men took a keen interest in their work, and the standard of training reached was excellent.


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