18th March 1917: Diary

Sun., Mar 18, 1917        HEAD QRS. RAIMBERT RUE DE BOIS

The regimental Brass Band now being completely outfitted with instruments, and having been purchased by the officers of this Battalion are loaned to the Battalion.


Link to scan: e001126018.jpg

Sun., Mar 18, 1917        RAIMBERT HEAD QRS. at RUE DE BOIS

8.45 a.m. In accordance with Operations Orders from 8th. Canadian Infantry Brigade and Battalion Operation Orders No.41, the Battalion left their Billets at RAIMBERT proceeding via AUCHEL- MARLES – les- MINES – PLACE A BRUAY – HALLICOURT – RUITZ. to MAISNIL – les – RUITZ.
The head of the Battalion passed C15.C.7.6. (A Company Headquarters) at 8.45 A.M., and headed by the Battalion Band passed by in the following order of march:- Hdqrs.Details, “A” Company, “B” Company, “C” Company, “D” Company, Stokes Battery, and Transport.

MAISNIL – les- RUITZ Hdqrs.at Rue D’Ohlain

1.30 p.m. Battalion arrived at MAISNIL – les – RUITZ, at 1.30 P.M. and occupied allotted Billets.
Headquarters established at Rue D’Ohlain.

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