20th March 1917: Diary

Tue., Mar 20, 1917        MAISNIL – les- RUITZ Hdqrs.at Rue D’Ohlain

8.45 a.m. In accordance with orders from 8th. Canadian Infantry Brigade and Battalion Operation Orders No. 42 the following dispositions were made:-

Link to scan: e001126019.jpg

8.45 a.m. H.Q. Staff – “A” Company – “C” Company – Signals Scouts – Bombers – Pioneers – Medical – (With) necessary Transport.) )
Will move from MAISNIL-les-RUITZ to FORRESTER CAMP (Villers au Bois) on 20th. March, 1917.
“B” Company – “D” Company – Band – Machine Gun Section – Q.M. Staff – Transport. )
Will remain at MAISNIL-les-RUITZ. till 22nd. March, 1917.
All ranks remaining in MAISNIL-les-RUITZ, will be under Command of Major S.B. Van Kleeck.

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