22nd March 1917: Diary

Thu., Mar 22, 1917        Rear H.Q. Billet 76 Villers au Bois

9.15 A.M. “B” and “D” Companies, Band, Machine Gun Section, Q.M. Staff and Transport , in accordance with orders from 8th. Canadian Infantry Brigade and Battalion Operation Orders No.43. moved from MAISNIL-les-RUITZ and proceeded to VILLERS au BOIS. which was reached at 1.30 P.M.

Link to scan: e001126020.jpg

Thu., Mar 22, 1917        Forward Hdqrs. Ross St. S27d4.3.

6.A.M. Weather Fine”
8 A.M. Situation Quiet.- Wind NORTH, Gas Alert OFF.
10A.M. Snowing.
11.25A.M. At 11.25 A.M. on 22nd. the germans attacked No.11 Chassery Post, without preparatory bombardment of any sort; the attack was made from the Crater itself, which must have been occupied before daylight or entered by a hidden way; the interior of the Crater is not completely under observation from the posts and new positions are being taken; the enemy were immediately driven out by our men attacking overland, the mud in the trenches being bad; it is thought casualties were inflicted; our casualties are three “Killed” and two “Missing”; a support platoon was promptly brought up with the intention of following the enemy back into his own line, and artillery support was asked for, this last was too scattered and desultory to be of any use, so the intention was abandoned. the enemy retired directly into the crater.
12 Noon. Situation – Normal, Weather – Fine.
6.P.M. Slight hostile artillery fire. Working party of 50 men detailed for strengthening outposts etc.

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