29th March 1917: Diary

Link to scan:  e001126023.jpg

 Thu., Mar 29, 1917        Forward Hdqrs. Ross St. S27d4.3.

8.00A.M. Weather – Clear. Situation – Quiet.
10.00A.M. Slight hostile Artillery and Trench Mortar Activity.
2.00 P.M. Our Artillery active, shooting up selected Targets.
6.00 P.M. Situation – Quiet, Wind East, Gas Alert ON.
12.30 A.M Lieut. Douglas, with party of Bombers, carried out, and placed under the German Wire, on NORTH and SOUTH side of CHASSERY CRATER, 2 BANGALORE Torpedoes. These were fired at 3 A.M. and an Artillery shoot on Enemy Front Line system was carried out from 3.13 to 3.30 A.M.
Battalion Rifle Grenadiers bombed Enemy Saps with good results.The above operation being in the nature of a feint raid it is presumed that enemy manned their trenches and thereby suffered considerable casualties.
Our Casualties – NIL.

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