5th April 1917: Diary

Thu., Apr 5, 1917  VILLERS AU BOIS

8 PM “B” and “D” Companies left VILLERS AU BOIS for trenches – LA FOLIE CENTRE SECTOR, relieving 52nd Canadian Battalion in the front line and the 60th Canadian Battalion in CENOT CAVE.
Relief completed at 1.20 A.M. April 6th, 1917 – no casualties, but moderately heavy hostile shelling during relief.


Forward Headquarters established at BOYAU POQUET in the Support Trenches. Map Location S 28 C 1.3. Sheet 26 “B”.
“A” and “C” Companies left Huts – VILLERS AU BOIS and went under canvas about 1 kilometer South of VILLERS AU BOIS.

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