24th April 1917: Diary

Tue., Apr 24, 1917   S18 D 8.2.

6 AM Weather fine – bright.  Situation quiet. Wind North.
10 AM Marked aeroplane activity on both sides. Hostile artillery occasionally/shelling old Crater line.
Operation Order No. 47 by Major W. W. Foster. D.S.O. Act/O.C. 2nd C.M.R.Battalion issued.


In accordance with instructions issued by 8th C.I.B. the 2nd C.M.R.Battalion will move from GOODMAN TUNNEL to VILLERS AU BOIS on 25th April,1917., on relief by 52nd Battalion.
Companies will leave GOODMAN TUNNEL at following times:-


“A” COMPANY 2.00 P.M. “C” COMPANY 2.20 P.M.
“B” COMPANY 2.10 P.M. “D” COMPANY 2.30 P.M.

Conditions being normal, companies will halt at BERTHOVAL FARM, from which point they will proceed as a Battalion.

8 PM Situation quiet – Wind still North.

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