Report on Bombthrowing Oct 26th

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From Brigade Grenade Officer Oct 26th 15.

  Last evening the second series of classes, completed their course in Grenade work & the following report is submitted upon their efficiency:-
  A. General Knowledge (Grenades)

B. Throwing

  During the course every man threw at least one live grenade & also took part in tactical work in the Trenches.  The men are shown in their classes. (i.e.)


Section. 1.  A. Good understanding of all grenades & good throwers.

1st Regiment 2. Regt. 3rd Re
T. G. Thornton   V.G. A. Bales A. Square
F. C. Nash F. W. Peters E. C. Allred
G. A. Hendeson R. Brett  V.G. F. Tysal
D. M. Campbell P. R. Qumlan   V.G. J. S. Pape
E. D. Connelley J. Eillott P. E. Bill
J. B. Mc Rae E. C. Armstrong F. C. Clarke
A. G. Smith H. L. Hayne  V.G. A. Inglis
V. W. Ridout E. Mc Leman  
M. Hayarth R. Berwick  
L. M. Fayman L. H. Inphram
C. J. Neil R. E. Simms   V.G.  
E. A. Barnes D. B. Flyer  


Section II         A fair knowledge of Grenades, weak throwers.

1st Regiment 2nd. Regiment 3rd Regiment
W. L. Ford H. C. Cranley M. Stude
A. Litch R. Gammon R. A. Robertson
J. Dobbie C. Calman T. G. Reeves
E. W. Arnold. J. A. Harrison. G. Thenton
    W. Sharland
    J. A. Clarke.
    H. M. Taylor.


Section III   Very indifferent knowledge of Grenades.  poor throwers and not likely to become efficient.

1st Regiment 2nd Regiment 3rd Regiment
G. Simm   W. Bull
J. Webb A. Lawrence
    W. Major
    R. Mc Kelvie


These classes are taken by Captain W. W. Foster   Brigade Bombing Officer.

31st October 1915: Diary

Sun., Oct 31, 1915   S8.A.6-4

  Sunday  Church Parades by Squadrons in billets.  Transport distributing rations to respective billets.  All in Camp now fixed up.
  A. B & C Squadrons sent out upon working party.  50 All Ranks per Squadron & reported to 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade H.Q. located N33 D4-1 & detailed to work with 3rd Field Company.
  Afternoon wet.  Medical officer visited billets no casualties

30th October 1915: Diary

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Sat., Oct 30, 1915 Gibraltar Billets S8.A.6-4

2.15 pm Received orders.  Headquarters Staff to move to new billets. near “Bailluel” & left Gibraltar farm at 2.15 arriving at S8/a6-4 N of Bailluel at 4 P.M. Accommodation very good indeed.  B Squadron moved into Gibraltar billets soon after our leaving thereby bringing Squadrons closer together, Signal communication working. within one hour of getting in.
4 pm Adjutant issued orders relative to daily Sick parade. which same necessitates M.O. riding around to billets & holding daily Sick Inspections.  Mail distribution arranged.  also Rations.  Sanitary fatigues paraded. Good water.

29th October 1915: Diary

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Fri., Oct 29, 1915 Gibraltar Farm

  200 men reported to Lieut Sweeney C.E & continued trench digging
  Billeting Officer detailed to furnish. other billets  the present Headquarters not being either Sanitary or roomy enough. Water has been very scarce & men unable to wash even.
  Good billets were Eventually found near the town of “Bailluel” & H’qts move tomorrow with Transport; Machine Gun Section.  Weather Very wet.  Health of troops good.

28th October 1915: Diary

Thu., Oct 28, 1915 Gibraltar Farm

  Two hundred and fifty All ranks detailed for Working party under Lieut Sweeney. Order from Brigade Headquarters that baths had been allotted for Regiment from 1 P.M. to 3 P.M.  Oct 29. this message was cancelled [&] stating that it was not intended that the whole regiment bath on the 29th inst & that now the time allotted our Regiment was now cancelled.  Our Regiment seems doomed to remain without washing.
  One reason. for the Regt not being able to take advantage of the 1st orders was owing to 250 men being away on duty. (ie) working party. Col Bott asked B’Hqt’s to release the working party. but the answer was as above?

27th October 1915: Diary

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Wed., Oct 27, 1915 Gibraltar Farm

1 pm All working parties, cancelled this day owing to H.M. King George V visiting the troops (Canadians) 50. picked men represented the regiment at the Review. which was held. at 1 P.M  near Bailluell. the King then motored to “Iochre” about 3 miles from the 1st Line Trenches,
6.30 pm A night party of 50 strong went out on Trench digging at 6.30 P.M.  Machine Gun Section. had practice, night sighting & trench fighting.  Bombing class & Grenade School instruction as usual.

26th October 1915: Diary

Tue., Oct 26, 1915 Gibraltar Farm

  Morning Very wet & cold.
  Working parties detailed to report at Cross Roads T15. B5-5. consisting of one hundred & seventy five All ranks & reported to Lt Sweeney.  The Regiment is having difficulties in obtaining baths for men some of whom have not bathed or changed underclothing for the past month. one Sqd. in particular.
  Working parties witnessed a Very interesting duel in the Air resulting in the English Biplane bringing the German down within our own lines. two Airships were brought down in this district today.

25th October 1915: Diary

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Mon., Oct 25, 1915 Gibraltar Farm

  One hundred and eighty men detailed for working parties under Lieut Sweeney C. E. at Cross Roads T.15 B 5-5 Sheet 28. and N33 D.-4-1 the latter to work with the 3rd Field Co. (C.E.)  Machine Gun Section, practiced night work on the 24th inst;
  Weather very wet. & N.E. wind. billets very cold.
  Bombing classes & Grenade Instruction as usual.  Classes recommencing for those men who have not yet had preliminary course at Shorncliffe.

24th October 1915: Diary

Sun., Oct 24, 1915 Gibraltar Farm

  Fifty men from B Squadron. detailed to work under Lieut Sweeney. as usual at Cross Roads T15 – B.5-5 Sheet 28.  A & C Squadrons also providing 75 all ranks to work & report to First Canadian Brigade. H Q. N33 D4-1 and to work with 3rd Field Company C.E. (New trenches)
  Signallers are getting excellent practice. most of our orders are now received by wire or phone. generally wire. two Signallers, are continuously on duty. day and night & are profiting by the many messages. sent & received
  One Officer and one N.C.O. detailed to attend class at Brigade Headquarters.

23rd October 1915: Diary

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Sat., Oct 23, 1915 Gibraltar Farm

  Seventy five men detailed for working parties. & reported to 1 C.I. Brigade HQ N33 D4-1 & worked with 3rd Field Company C.E. new trenches.
  Seventy five all ranks. also reported to Lieut Sweeney. at Cross Roads T15.B5-5 Sheet 28. these parties are also employed digging new trenches.
  Machine Gun Section, have and are undergoing good training.  The Squad numbers 50 All Ranks. & under the Command of Lieut E.B. Irving.  men are all very keen and are becoming very proficient as gunners.