11th January 1917: Diary

Thu., Jan 11, 1917             A.28b.7.8.

6 AM Weather cold – Wind North East.
8 AM Situation quiet.
Noon Weather clearer – No Hostile Trench Mortar or Artillery activity.
4 PM Slight rain – Wind still North East.
6 PM Working party of 60 men engaged on general trench work.

10th January 1917: Diary

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Wed., Jan 10, 1917           A.28b.7.8.

6 AM Weather dull – Wind North East.
8 AM Situation quiet.
1 PM Weather clearer – No hostile Trench Mortar or artillery activity.
3 PM Situation quiet.
6 PM Working party of 60 men detailed for general trench repair work.
10 PM Situation quiet – Wind North East.

9th January 1917: Diary

Tue., Jan 9, 1917                              A.28b.7.8.

6 AM Weather cloudy – Wind North East.
10 AM Situation quiet – little rain during morning.
3 PM No enemy artillery or trench mortar activity. Hostile machine guns slightly active and some rifle fire.
6 PM Working party of 150 men engaged on Wiring and trench repairs etc.
10 PM Situation quiet. Operation order  No.33 by Major G.C.Johnston issued.



1st C.M.R.Battalion R 2 Divisional Reserve.
2nd C.M.R.Battalion R 1 Brigade Reserve.
4th C.M.R.Battalion Brigade Reserve R 1
5th C.M.R.Battalion Divisional Reserve

8th January 1917: Diary

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Mon., Jan 8, 1917              A.28b.7.8.

6 AM Weather hazy – occasional rain. Wind North West.
10 AM Situation very quiet.
3 PM Weather very misty – No hostile trench mortar activity.
6 PM Working party of 150 engaged on trench repairs – pumping dug-outs – 60 yards of wiring completed.
10 PM Situation very quiet – Wind still North West.

7th January 1917: Diary

Sun., Jan 7, 1917                              A 28b.7.8.

6 AM Weather fine – Situation normal.
10 AM Wind West – weather hazy.
4 PM No hostile trench mortar or artillery fire.
8 PM Working party of 95 men engaged on trench repairs.
10 PM German patrol of three men encountered in No mans land dispersed by bombs.Leaving rifle and bayonet behind.

6th January 1917: Diary

Sat., Jan 6, 1917                A 28b.7.8.

6 AM Weather cloudy – Situation quiet.
10 AM Wind South-West.
2 PM Hostile trench mortars and artillery very quiet.
6 PM Enemy machine guns more active than usual.
10 PM Situation Normal.

5th January 1917: Diary

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Fri., Jan 5, 1917                 A 28b.7.8.

6 AM Weather fine – Wind South.
10 AM Situation quiet.
2 PM Enemy trench mortars and artillery slightly active.
4.PM Weather fine but colder – Wind still South.
5 PM Working party of 160 men engaged as carrying parties, pumping and repairing trenches.
10 PM Our patrols out – Situation very quiet. Snowing slightly.

4th January 1917: Diary

Thu., Jan 4, 1917                              CHATEAU ETRUN

8 AM Weather dull and Cold.
4 PM Owing to the very bad state of the trenches relief with the 5th C.M.R. Battalion was delayed. This Battalion – 2nd C.M.R.- were compelled to proceed overland and left Divisional Reserve – Etrun at 4.00 P.M.
 8 PM Relief complete 8.00 P.M. No casualties.

3rd January 1917: Diary

Wed., Jan 3, 1917              CHATEAU ETRUN

8 AM Weather very cold and raining.
10 AM Battalion Operation Order No. 32 by Major G.C. Johnston – Commanding, issued.
2.PM Bombing and Wiring instruction at Brigade School.


2nd January 1917: Diary

Tue., Jan 2, 1917                              CHATEAU ETRUN

8 AM Very cold and wet.
10 AM Gas Helmet drill and instruction in use of new box respirator.
2 PM Bombing instruction at Brigade Bombing School.