BC News: Albania 9th July 1914

From the Kelowna Record

In Revolution Ridden Albania

The western KR1914Jul09hemisphere is not alone in nursing a revolution in her midst as Europe is the scene of revolt as well.

The new King of Albania, Prince William of Wied, is having a difficult time in remaining on his throne.

Almost from the time he landed at Durazzo, the Albanian capital, strife and discord in the little kingdom has been rampant.

The photograph shows a company of sailors throwing up a temporary breastwork in front of the Italian legation in Durazzo before the last attack which the rebels made on the city.

In the Durazzo harbour are several foreign battleships which have landed marines and sailors in order to protect foreign property.

At one time the new King fled to safety aboard an Italian cruiser.


BC News: Sarajevo 02 July 1914

KR1914Jul02On the front page of the weekly Kelowna Record of the 2nd July 1914 a small column was reserved for the Sarajevo story.  Headline news that day was a story about a new creamery being opened which would help local farmers. The cricket and baseball scores were reported and the major story was about the council tackling the ‘noxious’ weeds in the city. Unlike British Newspapers, the front page carried the news as well as advertisements.

Kelowna is in British Columbia, many BC newspapers had closed by that time and very few are available in the archive : http://historicalnewspapers.library.ubc.ca

Young men working on the logging camps and sawmills of the Fernie district may not have noticed this story initially, and have no idea of the impact it would have, on many of their short lives.



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Congratulatory Messages

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The following message has been received from Sir Edward Kemp, Minister of Militia, by the Corps Commander:-

“The troops still in Canada awaiting their opportunity to join their comrades at the front; the young Canadians who are about to enlist and the officers and men who have been deprived of the previlege of participating in active operations at the front but who have devoted themselves to the task of raising and organizing the Canadian Expeditionary Force; on behalf of all these I extend to yourself and the officers and men under your command their warmest congratulations, in which I heartily concur, upon the splendid and inspiring victory of Canadians at VIMY RIDGE”.

To which reply has been sent:-

“Your inspiring message has been communicated to all ranks of the Canadian Corps . All have warmest appreciation of the patriotism of those Canadians not serving with the Corps, whose work have made the success of the Corps possible and hope for a continuance of that success in the future”.


The following message has been received from Sir William Hearst, Prime Minister of Ontario:-

“Government and people of Ontario heartily congratulate Canadians on their glorious achievement and thank them for their magnificent service to the Empire and to Civilization.  Ontario rejoices that her sons have again proved worthy of the best traditions of our race.  Our country is thrilled by story of great victory which will be an immortal inspiration to noble deeds and is assurance of final overthrow of tyranny”

The following reply has been despatched:-

“I thank you in the name of the Canadian Corps for your telegram of congratulation. Of the many received none is more appreciated.



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The following received from HON. N. W. Rowell, Toronto:-

“Heartiest congratulations on magnificent success in capturing VIMY RIDGE.  We are all proud of splendid achievement of our Canadians under your Command.”

To which reply has been sent:-

“Our warmest thanks for your kind telegram.  All ranks appreciate your interest and encouragement.”


The following, from the Rt.Hon. W. H. Long. Colonial Office, LONDON:-

“My warmest congratulations to the Canadian Troops under your Command in their brilliant exploit in the capture of VIMY RIDGE”.
To which reply, as follows, has been despatched:-

“Your kind message much appreciated”


The following telegram has been received from F.M. H.R.H. The Duke of Coanaught.

“Warmest congratulations great success Canadian Corps”.
to which reply has been sent:-

“YOur Royal Highness’ message most gratefully received”.


29th April 1917: Diary

Sun., Apr 29, 1917   VILLERS AU BOIS.

9 AM Company parades etc.
2 PM Companies engaged on cleaning camping area etc.
10 PM Battalion Operation Order No.48 by Lieut-Coo. G.C. Johnston. M.C. issued.


In accordance with 8th C.I.B. Operation order No.85 dated 29th April,1917., the 2nd C.M.R. Battalion will move forward to GOODMAN TUNNEL on 30th April,1917.

26th April 1917: Diary

Thu., Apr 26, 1917   VILLERS AU BOIS.

9 AM Weather fine – Company parade and inspection of kits and equipment,
2 OM Bathing parades held at VILLERS AU BOIS during afternoon.  Remainder of the day devoted to cleaning kit etc.

25th April 1917: Diary

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 Wed., Apr 25, 1917   S18 D8.2.

6 AM Weather fine – Bright.  Situation quiet. Wind North.
10 AM Companies engaged on General trench repair work.  No Hostile shelling.
2 PM Relief with 52nd Battalion commenced and companies moving back in accordance with instructions contained in Battalion Operation Order No. 47.
5 PM The Battalion marched into VILLERS AU BOIS reaching billets at 4.30 P.M.
6 PM Headquarter established in Suburban Huts – South East of Villers au Bois – Companies also billeted in huts this area.