BC News 6th August 1914 – Local Militia Prepare for Call

“D” squadron Orders
30th Regiment B.C. Horse

The following orders have been issued from the headquarters, Kelowna, yesterday.

The squadron will parade in Dr Boyce’s field opposite the exhibition grounds, on Thursday and Saturday evenings next, the 6th and 8th inst., at 7pm. The attendance of every officer NCO and man is compulsory.

Any person having saddle horses suitable for military work, weight not under 950 pounds will please notify Capt. Temple immediately.

Mobilisation orders
All officers, NCOs and men will hold themselves in readiness for mobilisation at a moment’s notice in the event of mobilisation orders being received. Warning is now being given that each man must hold in readiness the following articles of kit securely packed labelled with his name rank, squadron and regiment: 1 pair boots, 3 pair socks, 2 shirts, 1 pair underpants, razor, brush and soap, hair brush and comb, plate knife fork, spoon mug.

Orders have been received that the squadron be brought up to full war strength immediately, i.e. of all ranks. Men willing to join between the ages of 18 and 45 years, height not under 5ft 4in., chest measurement 34 in. will apply to Capt Temple or Lieut. Pyman

Antony D. Temple
Captain “D” Squadron
30th Regiment B.C. Horse.