Daily Colonist 8th Aug 1914 – Regimental Orders

Victoria Squadron of B. C. Horse

By officer commanding Major W. Bapty.

Riding test for recruits will be held at the Willows Riding School tonight at 7 p.m.  All men not already medically examined report at headquarters, Belmont House, basement entrance, Humboldt Street, between the hours of 10 and 12 a.m.

(Sgd.) N. W. F. Rant
Acting Adjt.

50th Regiment Highlanders

Order No. 34, 1914, August 7, 1914.
Regimental Orders by Lieut-Colonel A. W. Currie, commanding.

The following men, having been attested, are taken on to the strength and posted as follows:

D Company, F. A. Crussidiers, C. Fletcher, J. B. Wairn, W. B. Shrewsbury, Pte, J. Law;
E Company, A. E. Ward;
F Company, W. C. Pemberton, W. E. Sandy;
G Company, D. J. Waters; H Company. A. Uden;
pipe band. Drummer J. B. Wilson

The following men are transferred as under:
To C Company, Lce.-Cpl, D. Weir, K Company;
to D Company, Pte. M. McPhaill. H Company, and Pte. D. Fyvie, G Company;
to E Company, Pte. J McKenzie, H Company;
to H Company, Act.-Cpl. J. Dewar.

The following members were granted their discharge and are struck off the strength:
F Company, Pte. C. J. Ashop;
pipe band. Piper L West: bugle band.
Bugler V. McKinnon.

The following promotions are granted:
B Company,
to be acting-corporal Pte. D. Fyvie;
to be sergeant, Lce.-Sgt Sheriff;
to be Lce.-Sgt. Cpl, T. Wood;
to be corporal. Lce.-Cpl. G. McDonald;
to be acting-corporal, Ptes, T. Mutch and E. Cadgers
to be Lance-corporal, Pte. D. Ogllvy.

R. T. Townsend. Lieut.
Acting Adjutant.

Transcript of: The Daily Colonist 8th Aug 1914 – Victoria BC