BC News: Emigration 16th July 1914

No news of European tensions found in this week’s Kelowna Record.  There was no follow up on the assassination or the trouble in Albania. The only indication of potential trouble on the horizon is this report on emigration:

Emigration from Canada greater than Immigration

For tKR1914Jul16he first time in Canadian emigration history, says an Ottawa despatch, it is believed that this year emigration from Canada will be greater than immigration into the Dominion. However, the emigration from the Dominion will not be of Canadians, but of Rutherians, Polanders, Bulgarians and what are known as “foreigners”. During the past couple of months there has been a big emigration of this unskilled labor which ebbs and flows any way, and the emigration officials believe the next few months will see an even bigger emigration of this class.

No attempt is made to tabulate emigration from Canada, but it is believed it will be as fully as heavy as the immigration.  The immigration for the year will likely run about 130,000 which will be a drop of from about 65 to 70 percent, as last year the total was nearly 400,000.  However, while the total will drop more than half, the class of settlers who are coming are very superior, being almost entirely British and American settlers with money who are buying their own farms.