Report on Bombthrowing Oct 26th

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From Brigade Grenade Officer Oct 26th 15.

  Last evening the second series of classes, completed their course in Grenade work & the following report is submitted upon their efficiency:-
  A. General Knowledge (Grenades)

B. Throwing

  During the course every man threw at least one live grenade & also took part in tactical work in the Trenches.  The men are shown in their classes. (i.e.)


Section. 1.  A. Good understanding of all grenades & good throwers.

1st Regiment 2. Regt. 3rd Re
T. G. Thornton   V.G. A. Bales A. Square
F. C. Nash F. W. Peters E. C. Allred
G. A. Hendeson R. Brett  V.G. F. Tysal
D. M. Campbell P. R. Qumlan   V.G. J. S. Pape
E. D. Connelley J. Eillott P. E. Bill
J. B. Mc Rae E. C. Armstrong F. C. Clarke
A. G. Smith H. L. Hayne  V.G. A. Inglis
V. W. Ridout E. Mc Leman  
M. Hayarth R. Berwick  
L. M. Fayman L. H. Inphram
C. J. Neil R. E. Simms   V.G.  
E. A. Barnes D. B. Flyer  


Section II         A fair knowledge of Grenades, weak throwers.

1st Regiment 2nd. Regiment 3rd Regiment
W. L. Ford H. C. Cranley M. Stude
A. Litch R. Gammon R. A. Robertson
J. Dobbie C. Calman T. G. Reeves
E. W. Arnold. J. A. Harrison. G. Thenton
    W. Sharland
    J. A. Clarke.
    H. M. Taylor.


Section III   Very indifferent knowledge of Grenades.  poor throwers and not likely to become efficient.

1st Regiment 2nd Regiment 3rd Regiment
G. Simm   W. Bull
J. Webb A. Lawrence
    W. Major
    R. Mc Kelvie


These classes are taken by Captain W. W. Foster   Brigade Bombing Officer.