14th October 1915: Diary

Link to Scan: e001125634.jpg

Thu., Oct 14, 1915 Aldershot Huts

Orders to move. and to be billeted in a large area near “Dreneutrie”
1 pm The regiment moved out at 1 P.M. & were met by our billeting Officer & directed to their respective billets  Headquarters were billeted at “Gibraltar Farm” [*] about 100 yards from the frontier. Water very scarce.  Wagon has to proceed to “Baileull” twice per day. and can only obtain sufficient for Cooking purposes.  Men billeted in Barns. Stables etc.  Transport and Machine Gun Section under Canvas

*Probably one of the un-named farms still visible.  West of Dranouter but still East of the French Border.

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