30th September 1915: Diary

Thu., Sep 24, 1915 Neuve Eglise

  A Squadron relieved   B Squadron returned [?] to section [?] in the same trenches for 24 hours
  Out of the. 60 Rifles taken to trenches by B Squadron 13 jammed & 1 blew off its nose-cap.  whilst firing 20 Rounds rapid.
  Remainder of troops that remained where employed. on Fatigue & with Transport also Guards.

29th September 1915: Diary

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Wed., Sep 29, 1915 Neuve Eglise, Belgium

  60 men of B Squadron, received orders to take the Trenches & moved into Section 139 & 140 S.E. Ploegsteert for Instructional purposes
  Camp was put in order.  Trenches dug & refuse [?] filled in.  Rained Very hard.

28th September 1915: Diary

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Tue, Sep 28, 1915 Osthoff farm

7.30 am Reveille. 6.30 am.  Inspection of Billets, Rifles & Kit.  Temporary Hospital erected.
Office hour taken by Lt. Col C. L. Bott.
12 Midday Orders were received to march to “Neuve Eglisè” a distance of 4 miles which place was reached.  at 5 P.M.
5 pm Troops were Billeted in Wooden Shacks & out-buildings of farm.
Camp was in a dirty condition.  The sanitary party with the assistance of  fatigue parties had latrines erected & cooks fires. built where rations were served & partaken off.

27th September 1915: Diary

Mon, Sep 27, 1915 Ballieul – Ploegsteert

Orders received for the Regiment to move.  We received pay at 11.am
We marched out of  Bailluel en-route for Nieppe at 6. P.M loads were heavy.
Arrived at Billets at Osthoff farm near Ploegsteert at 11. P.M.
The Buffs. were found quarted here. but were under orders to march at 4  am  to Amentieres.

26th September 1915: Diary

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Sun., Sep 26, 1915 Ballieul

  2nd Line Transport arrived.  4 Officers, 77 N.C.O.s & men.  Total 81. All ranks.  Horses 54.
  The above included Signalling Staff, Machine Gun Sect,
  Afternoon was given to men for leave.
  Officer Billets to Machine Gun etc. provided.
  M. G. Section & Transport were parked in Rue de Ypers [?] in a field.
  Lieut. B. E. Stirling in command of 2nd Train.

25th September 1915: Diary

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Sat., Sep 25, 1915 Ballieul

6. am.
Billets cleaned.
Breakfast at 7.15 am
New Guards mounted & inspected by the Orderly Officer
2 pm Regimental Orderly Room. established in the Hotel du Faucon
4 pm 1st Line Transport arrived. 4 Officers 45 N.C.O.s and men. 40 Horses.
5 pm Orders to stand too & be ready to be called out at a moments notice
2nd Line Transport Machine Guns & H’dquarters just arrived.   Prepared billets for Officers coming in.  Officer detailed to meet train.

24th September 1915: Diary

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Fri., Sep 24, 1915 Ballieul

6.30 am Reveille was sounded at 6.30. am. when men re-adjusted Kits.  Cleaned up billets & generally rested,
  Rifles were inspected by O.C. Squadron.
3.30 pm Billets were inspected by Lt. Col Bott & Staff at Mid-day & General Wood inspected billets at 3.30 P.M. Extra rations were served out, & men were allowed out on leave from 6 P M until 8 P.M.
8.30 pm Orders were received at 8.30 P.M. that troops may be called out to reinforce troops, in the field. North of the town & preparations were accordingly made.  Kits were considerably lightened & Rifles inspected & piled.
  Guards were placed over Squadron billets. & at Headquarters Lt Col C.L. Bott made a tour of the trenches during the evening.
  Re Kits
General Wood remarked that we were carrying too much Kit

23rd September 1915: Diary

Thu., Sep 23, 1915 BOULOGNE – BAILLEUL

6.30 am Reveille was sounded at 6.30 am, Rations were drawn for immediate consumption & the hours rations served out.
3.20 pm Men of the Regiment “bathed feet” at the M.O. order & after cleaning up camp etc. paraded at 3.20 P.M. and marched off under the command of Lt. Col C.L. Bott at 3.50 P.M. to Boulogne Railway station.  24 Hours rations, were also put on train by Quartermaster.
11.40 pm The Regiment arrived at Bailleul at 11.40 P.M. and immediately marched to “Grand Plaice” a market square.  We were received by Billetting Officers & Squadrons were posted to various billets, lights were out by 12.30 am.
Officers were billetted at the Hotel du Faucon.
No casualties.
Marching In strength 449 All Ranks.


Grand Place

From the Long Long Trail longlongtrail.co.uk

21st September 1915: Diary

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Tue., Sep 21st, 1915 SHORNCLIFFE

7 am General cleaning up of Camp.  Packing Kits.  Route march under O.C. Squadrons
2 pm Medical Inspection –
6 pm Transport and M. G. Section moved off to Shorncliffe Station & entrained for Southampton.  Lieut P.G. Routh in Command.
8 pm 2nd Line Transport with Headquarters moved off to Shorncliffe Station & entrained for Southampton.  Major Mutrie in Command – Lt Irving o/c M.G. Section.