1st October 1915: Diary

Link to Scan: e001125629.jpg

Fri., Oct 01, 1915 Neuve Eglise

  The Regiment Still encamped at ‘Neuve Eglise” A Squadron returned from Trenches.
  3rd Line Reserve were employed making new trench in front of 1st Line   C Squadron relieved A in the evening.  remainder of Troops in Camp were employed cleaning up same. Signallers on duty at Brigade Headquarters.  Transport went into town of Bailleul for supplies.
  2 men left for Bailleul to undergo Special course of instruction
  Col C.L. Bott visited the Trenches during the day.
  Enemy very quiet.  Some shelling from the enemys lines at our Aeroplanes. but no apparent damage done.  Men in good health. generally.  Bathing seems to be a trouble.  Accomodation key the source of it all. as many troops located in the vicinity.

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